A Little About Us

Owner Bret Bryant brings 40 years of experience and success to your window, door, or window replacement project. Bret is proud to report in that over the course of 40 years, he does not have a single unresolved dispute over a job. Obviously, your satisfaction is Priority One to Bret and the Windows & More team.

How do you build a successful window and door business with an unblemished customer satisfaction record?

Step One is to know and believe that the people you serve are more than customers. Bret appreciates that it is a matter of trust to be invited into a family’s home to repair, upgrade, or solve a problem arising from old windows and doors. He takes great pains to instill that understanding and respect in every person on his team

Step Two is to structure your business so it actually can respond to the need of the homeowner, business, school, or church that has a window or door replacement need. To serve you best, Bret has stanchly kept Windows & More a truly independent window broker/installer. We are not a sales or installation arm for any particular window manufacturer or brand. We do not accept any brand-specific pricing incentives that we do not disclose and pass on to our customers should they choose that company’s products. As a result of these deliberate business choices, you will have access to the broadest possible selection of custom window and door styles to meet any and all the needs of your particular project. Integrity begins with transparency. Then, it is experienced through excellent and honest communication.

Step Three is to get to know you and your particular needs and desires for your window or door project. Our extensive manufacturer’s network allows an almost unlimited (sometimes a little overwhelming) number of options in materials, styles, and colors to best match your window replacement need. Bret will sit down with you over a cup of coffee—he drinks his black—and walk you through the options. Do you want or need wood, fiberglass, or vinyl frames; standard or non-standard multi-pane, low-e, and/or specialty glass; or do you face any custom installation requirements? By the time your cups are empty, you will know with confidence you are making the perfect choices for your window replacement project.

Step Four is to do the job with the same expertise and respect with which it was planned. Here is where 40 years of customer commitment shows up in the form of carpet runners, drape cloths, perfectly custom-created windows, trained and courteous techs, and a minimally-invasive installation process. Give Bret’s team a couple feet of clear space to work with and they will leave you with expertly installed windows and room likely cleaner than when they started.