Is It Time for a New Entry or Patio Door at Your Home?

The ‘More’ in our company name, Windows & More is very much about offering high-quality, high-security replacement doors as well as windows for your home or business.

Entry, sliding and specialty doors have improved right along side window technology over the past several years. While the primary material categories: steel, fiberglass, or wood, have remained he same, seal and weatherproofing technology, glass pane options, security features, and hardware now present you with many new choices. Your Windows & More Project Planner will help you familiarize yourself with features and options offered by a variety of manufacturers. Once again, our strong standing as a high volume, fully independent installer gives you leverage you won’t find with single-brand door companies.

We can and will help you find the right materials, hardware, design, and color door to meet the specific needs of your door replacement project and budget.