Replacement Windows

When it’s Time for Replacement Windows…

You have choices in Replacement Window Materials and Construction


While custom built windows can be created in a wide variety of materials (Windows & More can custom create such windows for you) practical, affordable, and readily available replacement windows are generally manufactured using one of these three materials: Vinyl, Fiberglass, or Wood. At Windows & More, we specialize in replacement windows made of these materials.


Each has advantages…


Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is the right choice for you if you are budget-conscious, excited by no maintenance other than keeping the glass sparkling, and looking for simple energy efficiency. Vinyl insulates well against both heat or cold, it doesn’t chip, peel or crack, and vinyl is not subject to rot. These qualities make it a durable and low maintenance option. As a matter of fact, Vinyl’s no-maintenance composition is also one of its few drawbacks. You cannot repaint vinyl window frames successfully, so be sure that you choose a color that you will be happy with for the life of the window. If you are careful to choose well designed vinyl frames with top-quality, energy efficient glass you will have a great low maintenance, highly energy efficient replacement window for years to come.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is a slightly more expensive upgrade well worth considering if you want increased strength, stability, and even greater energy efficiency. All window frames expand and contract with temperature. Fiberglass does so less that either vinyl or wood. This makes it possible to design the frame to very tight tolerances, leading to extremely stable and secure feeling windows—especially in extreme weather zones. Fiberglass windows function the same in the blazing heat of summer and the cold of winter. Fiberglass windows are also low maintenance but add the option of being paintable if you should ever get creative and decide to change the color of the trim on your house.

Wood Windows

Wood is the elegant but more expensive and higher maintenance choice for windows. For most people, the choice of wood windows is driven by aesthetics (wood windows can be designed to match virtually any trim style) plus home style and value. There truly is nothing that compares with the look and feel of genuine wood windows; however, that unique beauty brings a certain vulnerability and responsibility with it. Wood is prone to warping, weathering, and rot if not diligently and properly maintained. If wood windows are properly cared for by a professional, they bring an old-world charm to your home nothing else can. The satisfaction attached to the beauty, curb appeal, and unique value of wood windows may make these window styles the right choice for you.

Clad Windows

One hybrid window material available through a number of Windows & More manufacturing partners are Wood Clad Vinyl or Fiberglass windows. These windows allow you to enjoy a portion of the cost efficiency and maintenance profile of vinyl or fiberglass frames while taking advantage of the custom beauty of wood clad interior trim. Ask about Clad Window options if the interior of your home features custom wood molding and trim.