Window Glass

There is More to Your Window Glass than You Can See!

We have come a long way from single-pane uncoated window glass. Multi-pane, Argon-gas-sealed window glass technology has led to significant increases in the physical insulating properties of modern windows. This, coupled with new frame materials and designs, plus modern sealant advances have virtually eliminated one of the earlier major energy problems; air leakage and the resulting increase in heating costs.

While the physical improvement alone in modern window designs could easily justify replacement windows, the real miracle of modern windows is Low-E window glass.


What is Low-E Window Glass?

Low-E, is short for low emissivity. In the world of window glass, this is a way of describing how window glass absorbs, reflects, or permits various wavelengths of light to pass through. The particular Low-e qualities of a given pane of window glass is controlled by applying one or more extremely thin layers of microscopic metallic particles on the glass surface. These metallic particles cause the glass to act like a light filter. In common applications, long wavelengths of light that produce heat are filtered out, while short wavelengths of light that illuminate what we see around us are allowed to pass through.

Advances in window glass technology have taken advantage of new metallic composite and layer combinations and densities to create Low-E glass that can serve a variety of needs. In addition to thermal (heat) reduction, Low-E window glass can be formulated to reduce potential fabric fade, increase visible light pass-through, and dramatically reduce or eliminate harmful Ultraviolet light.


The End Results for Your Home

Replacement widows that take advantage of the full spectrum of advanced technology protect

your energy investment, increase both the beauty and comfort of your home, and bring the breathtaking beauty of the Colorado outdoors into your living space in a bright, safe, and healthy way. Call us at Windows & More to learn more about the advantages in modern window glass technology for your home.