We see—and see through—hundreds of windows each day, but the magic they contain is often lost in the familiarity. Windows connect your life and living space to the light and beauty of the outdoors while protecting you and your family from the nastier elements out there.

Your windows stand a faithful vigil against…

  • Rain and snow
  • Excessive heat and numbing cold
  • Howling wind and blowing debris
  • Unseen threats (ultraviolet light) to your furniture, carpets, and drapery
  • Unwanted visitors—from bugs and critters to unwelcome guests

At the same time your windows invite in…

  • Cheery, life-giving sunshine (just ask you plants or your mood)
  • Warm, fresh, revitalizing air
  • Beautiful scenes and vistas
  • Peace of mind by easily keeping a watchful eye on your children and pets
  • The announcement of welcome visitors

Windows really are a big part of the quality of your life. When it’s time to repair or replace your windows, call us a Windows & More. We will do a great job for you, partly because we have never lost touch with the wonder of the window.